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Shauna VaughanShauna Vaughan

Dr. Jamie was recommended to us by a family friend. We have been to several different chiropractors over the years searching for someone who could actually help us feel our best and finally found it in Dr. Jamie. He is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to listen and tackle whatever ache and pain we throw at him. Being a very active household we have quite a few of those.
He has improved our quality of life and we could not be more thankful. We're able to move and lift weights and run again without the pain we had before. I cannot recommend him enough.

MarilN McGMarilN McG

Super courteous staff. Dr. Jamey rocks. Multi treatments available. On-site xrays. Massage therapy. Tens treatments and adjustments. My migraines, neck and low back pain has improved 💃 Pain is normal for my injuries 🙃...I have decreased from crying (#9) daily to a more tolerable level (#3-4). Thank you Dr. Jamey & staff!!!

Joseph D'AvanzoJoseph D'Avanzo

I have been seeing Dr Jen for a few months now and she's great. She solved the problem I was having was able to diagnose it pretty easy and through regular visits has got me paying free and coming back to improve. Dr Jenn is pleasant, efficient, effective and professional.
I have met Dr serma and he's very personable and seems to be just as good as Dr Jen he just hasn't worked on me because Dr Jenn is taking such great care of me

Ian WheelerIan Wheeler

I have been to 4 chiropractors for different reasons in the past 10 years or so. Dr. Jamie is the best I have worked with. Here is why:
1. He is easy to talk to, and doesn't rush me at all.
2. He has a background in massage and combines that with chiropractic. As a military member, I am constantly hurting my body and this is the perfect combo to combat that.
3. I have SI joint issues and have been through about 5 months of PT. 2 months coming to Dr. Jamie and it has done much more for me that PT. I have had significant reduction in SI pain (in the form of being able to sit much longer before having pain)
4. I have had limited shoulder mobility from a volleyball injury TEN years ago, the moment I told him, he adjusted it, and I have my mobility back (some tendins and muscles will have to adjust to the new (correct) position).
5. The uninsured rate is excellent and I feel like I am getting a steal.

These visits help me maintain. The uninsured rate is excellent and I feel like I am getting a steal. I see no reason to stop going weekly because I am getting so much value added for the time I spend. Better body, better athlete, less pain, better life.


I normally do not leave reviews but it would be doing Dr. Sumra an injustice if I do not leave an outstanding review for such an AMAZING service. He literally have magical hands! I swear after my alignment/adjustment, I INSTANTLY felt better. I could breathe better and my abdomen pain went away. They have a muscle stimulating machine that is to die for!!! I literally felt like my body had been reset and I left with a better body than I walked in the doors with. This was my first time ever and not only am I coming back but I have made appointments for my toddler and my sister. I would strongly recommend you book an appointment. It is the best money ever spent, if you do not have insurance coverage!

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